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GRC Connects: Multi-Drug Efflux Systems (2 of 3)

Featuring Yuichi Sugiyama as Keynote Speaker

Thursday, May 13, 2021
5:00PM - 6:30PM ET

Multi-Drug Efflux Systems GRC Chairs

Ina Urbatsch, Texas Tech University

Satoshi MurakamiTokyo Institute of Technology

Multi-Drug Efflux Systems GRC Vice Chairs

Lauren Aleksunes, Rutgers University

Hendrik van VeenUniversity of Cambridge

Event Description

Join us in this free series of GRC Connects offering three events, open to all members of the scientific community.  The first two events will feature moderated keynote presentations by renowned scientists in the fields of prokaryotic and eukaryotic efflux transporters to learn, share, and collaborate on challenging questions of antimicrobial resistance, and efflux transporters controlling pharmacological and toxic processes in health and disease.  Each keynote session will be followed by a Q&A and short talks selected from abstracts.  The third and final event in this series will focus solely on highlighting the research by early-career scientists through selected abstracts.  Please submit an abstract of your work for consideration here!

Our second keynote speaker in this series will feature Yuichi Sugiyama, Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokyo, and Head Scientist at RIKEN Institution in Yokohama, Japan.  His talk is titled, “Coordination of Influx (SLC) and Efflux (ABC) Transporters in Controlling Pharmacological and Toxic Effects.” 

Register for the first and third event in this series here

Topics for short talks include, but are not limited to:

1.   The Silent Pandemic of Antibiotic Resistance: Developing Therapeutics to Combat Multi-Drug Transporters

2.  Cancer Drug Resistance and Therapeutic Modalities and Interventions

3.  Efflux Pumps in the Balance between Pharmacology and Toxicity: Genomics and Pharmacogenomics of Drug Resistance across Diseases

4. Innovative Biochemical and Biophysical Methods to Elucidate Structure-Function Relationships


4:45pm     Event Arrival & Networking

5:00pm     Keynote Speaker

5:30pm     Q&A

5:45pm     Short Talks and Discussions

6:30pm    Closing Remarks

Open networking will be available until the event closes at 7:00pm.

GRC Connects is an initiative of the Gordon Research Conferences that provides opportunities for GRC communities to connect and collaborate until we resume in-person meetings, furthering GRC's commitment to find new and creative ways to advance the frontiers of science. 


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